Sunday, October 31, 2010

Free Marc Jacob's Dress

Hello everyone this free dress has been on for awhile and it still works so if you still don't have it,here is a chance to get it.!

 If you want the dress below for free click
Then type in
After that log into stardoll
Change the view into finish.


November HBs Out!

Stardoll's November 2010 Hotbuys

Jucii's Thoughts: Some of these months hbs to me are AMAZING.... some not that much. I mean ome are cool but they're not really portrayed as "hotbuy" material... likethe black dress and the half white half black dress. i like em but not for hotbuys. You have the uggs and the watch necklace and the white dress on the other hand which are Definitely Hotbuys! Over all this months hbs to me all together are 7/10.

Real Life Versions:

The Hbs are now here! And the SJ HB Page is now UPDATED!! What do you think about this months hbs? xxJucii

Party: Vicki95's Halloween Bash!

I was just at Vicki95's Halloween Bash, and it was amazing! I loved the crowd, and got to know a few people that I didn't really know but have heard of a bit more. I came in midway, and when I came the people at the party were there were a bunch of people including Filipinhamaria, Coolkid11, SmoothieLove, --Rihanna----, Twins18, and N1mka4eva. We talked about a rage of things and everyone had such a beautiful halloween costume on! Even Charlotte (n1mka4eva) who's costume was glitched at the party (see the white poster on her head?) had a beautiful costume in her suite, just not at the party because of stardoll's party glitch.
Group Picture:
(N1mka4eva isn't in the picture because her medoll's costume was glitched at the party)
These were the remaining people at the end of the party for the group picture:
Left to Right: Tapstar321, Coolkid11, Twins18, SmoothieLove, Filipinhamaria, --Rihanna----
Anyway, it was such a fun party and I'm glad I was invited. What about you; Any fun Halloween Parties? Do tell about them through comments! And if you host any parties, remember to invite me or Gillian and we might write a review and include group pictures on Stardoll's Juciiest ;)

Beauty/Elite Blogger,
Tapstar321 [AKA Nicki]

Cyanide Magazine Release/Party

Congrats To Yasmin on this wonderful Magaine! Cyanide really made a debut with there 4th magazine! The magazines Covergirl Aba (Shake-Something), the runner-up of MelsModels, really looks chic and in the halloween spirit with that hair! The mag has interviews, reads about superstitions, costumes, vampires, and more!
The story of Medusa reallly got my eye! And the graphics of a modern day fashionista Medusa- MANNIFIQUE! Love :) To check out this haunted issue of Cyanide Magazine Click Here!
Oh... and don't worry, you won't turn into stone ;)

Now to the party! Of Course, I went to tell the fellow Cyanide readers that i loved the mag! I saw elites like Brit-On-Me, FindurLove, Linda from KingofMedia, The editor Yazzieblue herself, and more ^.^ it was really fun to meet people and to just chat about life and stardoll! We all were there to support the magazines release and party! i know I had fun xxJucii

Volumes Up ~Halloween Edition~


Lolita might be back...again...again :D

Shes a ballerina with wings :)
I TOLD YOUUU! I TOLD YOUU! Miss_LolitaF has broadcasted, i tried to take a pic but it was too quick =/ sorry guys! but shes in the halloween mood! Shes telling everyone happy halloween :) I hope she comes back! I was at the Cyanide mag release party (ill post about it soon) while we were talking about it... norms, socialites, and Elites were on both sides of the fence. You never believe it but elites were saying how lotifa is a famewhore? and how she just wants attention and making fun of her! Others were sticking up for her! I was saying that she left because she wanted more time with her REAL LIFE, duh! everyone must move on one day, but stardoll is addicting and obviously lotifa spent good money on this online game so I did doubt from the beginning shed leave for good like she said! She might not come back fully- BUT I think she will visit often. What do you think? xxJucii

PS- Happy Halloween to you too....Miss_LolitaF :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Legend Productions, Chronicles of Cora Coming Soon!

Hello Stardoll's Juciiest readers, I posted a while ago about Legend Productions and didn't seem to reel anyone in, so I'm giving it another try. Coming soon is Legend Productions first show, Chronicles of Cora. Lots of love, drama and friendship. Stardoll's Juciiest owner, Gillian(Juciimami827), received a sneak peak of the show and she's raved about it! So please do me a favor and follow the sooner we get to 50 followers the sooner the show is released!

Happy Halloween!

Heyyyy Everyone! Have a Juciilicious Halloween :) Remember safey first! and Have FUN!!!! WOOOOT!

Happy Halloween

-The Stardoll's Juciiest Blog Staff

Your Invited....[2 party invites]

Hey, Jucii here to tell you about the events to put on your stardoll calander if your social and like getting to know people :D I try to make it to as much parties as possible- so we have a stardoll halloween party, and a Magazine Release party! Here are the Invites:

The Halloweeen party is...well tomorrow on Halloween 2010! I might not be able to make it to that one- 1) bc i dont know what time Gmt is in Est, 2) because i might be busy. I really want to make it though so if you know the time in est please tell me :) the influential release im looking forward too! its basically a month away... so ill try to remember you guys sooner to the date, thats all for now! xxJucii

Friday, October 29, 2010

Our Ads/Logos!!!

Want to do just more than support? want to become media partners or sponsers? contact me, Juciimami827, in my GB. xxJucii
-More Details and graphics for specific blog under the Our Ads/Logos Page.

80 MILLION Members!

I can't believe it! Just late last year when i joined we were coming upon 40 million... now were at 80! 100 is just around the corner :) Stardolls is giving us half of what we buy up until 80sd that means if u spend 80 sd ull get 40sd back!!! amazing right? thats 120sd! Check out the message we got in our dollmail:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Free Shake It Up Room design!

Hello,there is an invisible new Shake It Up room design in stardoll.It is being featured for the new comedy in Disney Channel.If you would like this scenery just click here.

(c) cherrycutegirl

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Free Monster High Blazor

Hello everyone.This free Monster High Blazer could be gotten on a U.S contest very easily.Here are the steps below if your not from the U.S
1.)Click on this web proxy or could work to.
2.)In the bar paste this link :
3.)Log into stardoll
4.)Enjoy your Blazer is now in your suite.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Legend Productions!

In the works, as I type is a production company founded by Aislin Victory(me). And the gracious owner of this blog aka, a very good friend of mine has agreed to let me advertise for it on her blog.

What is Legend Productions?
Legend Productions is an online production company, specializing in producing online shows. As of right now, we have one and only one show in the works, and it will make its release soon.

If you could all do me a little favor and follow this blog, I would be very appreciative to you all. And you won't be sorry you did. Also, if you are interested in pitching ideas for a show, contact me via guestbook or doll mail on my Stardoll Page.
Username: AislinVictory
(You must be my friend to send me a comment or a message so add me first).

If you're interested in following, which I hope you are, please click the link below.

Sunny Bunny Clothing ?

( Click to Enlarge )

I was reading a post in the Stardoll Blog today and noticed that^^

Sunny Bunny Clothing ? Wow ! This could be interesting ...

What do you think ? Will Sunny Bunny Clothing be good ?
Or an epic Failure ?
Comment Now !

LE Page Published!!

Yayyy! Our Le Page is Published! Check it Out :D

New Style on Stardoll

There's a new style of clothing on Stardoll - Crushed Velvet.
As you can see, its all about Velvet !
Browns, Reds , dark oranges ...

Will you be getting any ?

Comment Now !

Do you like this new range ?

New Hotbuy Released !

HB Fudge Skirt is now Out !
( Well, it was out yesterday, sorry for the delay ! )

I'm not sure I really like this HB :/
Its a bit strange coloured and inbetween a mini-skirt and a knee-length skirt :/

However I may be forced to buy it, since its HB .
Sorry Stardoll, but I'm not liking many of Octobers HBs - I hope November's will be better !

What do you think ?
Do you LOVE this skirt ?
Or do you absolutely HATE it?

Pandaeyes' Pick

Hey I'm Mary ( Pandaeyes239 on Stardoll ) and I am hoping to become a new writer
here at Stardoll's Juciiest !

Today my Pick, is quite an old one in Starplaza, however its something I love for numerous reasons:

I really love this item. Its a favourite of mine, as it makes any plain outfit elegant or gives an element of glamour. For just $4 , I think that this
is a good buy :)

Unfortunately , this is only for SS , so I will be making sure that my next pick or even post , is available to everyone :)

Outfit Idea Using this Hat :

Not necessarily with this hair, however I feel that the dress goes nicely with the Hat :)

Whats your Opinion ?
Do you love/hate this item ?
Or give us another outfit idea using this hat and I may feature it :)

I hope you have liked my first Post in Stardoll's Juciiest ,
and I hope there is more to come !

Mary x

Sunday, October 24, 2010

FCM Release Party Review

The Release Party was amazing!! 20+ fashionistas showed up, and a lot of them were elites! It was awesome :D First im gonna sorta rp how my time was for you guys, then im gonna write about it as a reporter =P Im glad i can offically show you how it was!

Jucii's Take:
As I walked in... into a huge waiting room with black walls and big lights i was excited!* I was going to party it up with fcm readers and anticipaters, i thought i might even see elites and chat with them. All of a sudden a lott of people start showing up, I mean from the latest covergirl of Lipstick Magazine, Macy [lacestockings]- se was wearing all black but the black faux fur on her definitely brought out her complextion, no wonder she was put on the best dressed list ;D , to Stardoll Royalties' Mandy [Poohg_1993] who was rockin a runway look that also doubled as a inspiring breast cancer awareness outii-she was on BD aswell, to Nicki [Tapstar321] herself! You know, nicki was laced in LE and HB from head to toe. I was in le and dkny, sporting an elegant look with my hair up, and i can say my makeup was ON POINT okayyy haha - I got on the Best Dressed list too hehe. There was so many people starting to arrived no one could hear what people wanted to say bc so many people talked at once. We wanted to go into the bigger room, so i got the key and opened it :D** Everyone Rushed into the room and after everyone was already in the room... another girl opened another room and told ppl to go in there? WDF? Everyone stayed put n just kept talking. So of course the other girl got mad and started saying I sent someone over in her room to trash it... again WDF? The altercation was fixed and i moved on.. i mean it was about the magazine not drama, right?! A lot of people and i became friends or aquantinces. I was telling people about my blog and about how i was modelling in the magazine. People were stoked, and i thought that was pretty cool. I remember at one point drinking martinis with Macy and chatting, congratulating her on her cg position. I mean for a nonss thats a Ginormous accomplishment. I was looking around for CG of FCM, Maggie [Findurlove], and for my bestie Aisy [AislinVictory] but they couldnt make it I guess.... When Nicki made the annoucement that the mag would be published piece by piece i was saying to myself this girl in Ingenious. After the party.. i was a little drunk, and maybe light headed bc i was talking a looot. haha. I needed major sleep. With my Loubintins on I could do anything foreal! After the party just finished, Nicki and I kept texting about the mag and i started to realize i can confide it her whenever and shes a true friend :) Just another day in Dolliwood....
*-The room was ForeverChicMag's GB
**-The bigger room was a tinychat that i started [Get it?]

Hey guys! What do you think of my Dolliworld version of the party? I think everytime theres a Major event I'll do that ;D What do you think?

Bloggers Take:
Many people appeared from Elite, to Stardoll Royalty, To basically Everyone! The invite was basically put on The Stardoll Group, Stardoll's Juciiest, Stardolls Most Wanted, and Underneath Stardoll! Of course it had a big turn out! 20+ people showed up in all! Oh and did you see Forever Chic Magazine? Its Partially out, so part by part itll be revealed :D ingenious right ;) I will Do a review on the mag once its FULLY OUT, but you can tell by the mags comments so far its a definite good one :D. This party had amazing turn out so 10/10 I really enjoyed it. And the Outfits- mannifique! The Best Dressed List is already on, but will be posted on this blog, like the invite promised, soon!

Congrats To FindurLove For being CG, and Congrats To Tapstar321 For Having Such a Successful Month!
Ps: Look Its Meee Modeling WOOT! xxJucii