Monday, October 25, 2010

Pandaeyes' Pick

Hey I'm Mary ( Pandaeyes239 on Stardoll ) and I am hoping to become a new writer
here at Stardoll's Juciiest !

Today my Pick, is quite an old one in Starplaza, however its something I love for numerous reasons:

I really love this item. Its a favourite of mine, as it makes any plain outfit elegant or gives an element of glamour. For just $4 , I think that this
is a good buy :)

Unfortunately , this is only for SS , so I will be making sure that my next pick or even post , is available to everyone :)

Outfit Idea Using this Hat :

Not necessarily with this hair, however I feel that the dress goes nicely with the Hat :)

Whats your Opinion ?
Do you love/hate this item ?
Or give us another outfit idea using this hat and I may feature it :)

I hope you have liked my first Post in Stardoll's Juciiest ,
and I hope there is more to come !

Mary x

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