Friday, October 22, 2010

FCMag Release Party!

Our Sister Blog, Forever Stardoll Chic, has a magazine called, Forever Chic Magazine and not only are they releasing a new edition of their mag:
BUT they have a party to go along with it! And the followers of Stardoll's Juciiest and Forever Chic Blogs are Exclusively Invited!:
I think FCM did a fantastic job on this Invite, I mean its Absolutely Stunning! I know I'll Definitely be There.

"In celebration of the Fall 2010 Edition of Forever Chic Magazine coming out October 24th, there is a release party right before the publication of this issue! Runway themed attire, meaning LE and other runway designer inspired clothing you have.

Times [UPDATED]:
4:30 PM East Coast America Time
1:30 PM West Coast America Time
9:30 PM United Kingdom Time " -FCM
Thank You so Much FCM for this explanation it really helped! Be There Readers. Also Follow Them! xxJucii

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  1. Thanks for posting it ;)
    Update: All the times are an hour earlier. For example, United Kingdom Time is now 9:30 so that more European friends and fans can come and celebrate.