Monday, October 25, 2010

Legend Productions!

In the works, as I type is a production company founded by Aislin Victory(me). And the gracious owner of this blog aka, a very good friend of mine has agreed to let me advertise for it on her blog.

What is Legend Productions?
Legend Productions is an online production company, specializing in producing online shows. As of right now, we have one and only one show in the works, and it will make its release soon.

If you could all do me a little favor and follow this blog, I would be very appreciative to you all. And you won't be sorry you did. Also, if you are interested in pitching ideas for a show, contact me via guestbook or doll mail on my Stardoll Page.
Username: AislinVictory
(You must be my friend to send me a comment or a message so add me first).

If you're interested in following, which I hope you are, please click the link below.

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