Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hot Buys New Release: Faux Fur Bolero

I'm amazing with this piece. Simply amazed. The classic look of a bolero, and it's ability to make any outfit look timeless and classy is no doubt, amazing. I'm also happy to see that this bolero is a white-ish gray fur instead of brown or black. Another thing I was really impressed by, was not the piece in itself, but how the creators of this piece named it. They included the word "faux" into the name. Letting everyone know that the fur of course, isn't intended to be real, and I admire that.

When dressing up this piece, I spent a good thirty minutes trying to adorn it with something that made it more gorgeous than it already is, and I failed miserably. I couldn't seem to find anything(in my closet) that fit it beautifully.

However, this is definitely one of my favorite Hot Buys pieces.

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