Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hot Buys New Release: Wooden Heels & Wool Top

I know this release post is a teeny bit late, forgive me; I stay busy. But now that I'm here to comment on these two new Hot Buys pieces, lets get to it. The first release are the Hot Buys Wooden Heels and I adore them. The colors, the stying, everything! However, finding something to wear with them is going to be a project. They are such unique shoes, that I'm not sure if I have anything in my closet that I could pair with them.

Next of course, is the Hot Buys Wool Top. This top is gorgeous, i love everything about it. The color and design are beautiful, and the waist belt makes it all that much better. This is a top that I would wear with some dark jeans and pair with ankle boots or some pretty flats.

If you haven't noticed, I don't have a photo of the outfit I made out of these two pieces, and that is because I couldn't find anything that was really worth posting. In the future if I find something worthy of being blogged about, I will include it. If you made a great outfit of these pieces comment and show me what you did! I'd love to see how the followers are styling their Hot Buys!

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