Sunday, October 31, 2010

Party: Vicki95's Halloween Bash!

I was just at Vicki95's Halloween Bash, and it was amazing! I loved the crowd, and got to know a few people that I didn't really know but have heard of a bit more. I came in midway, and when I came the people at the party were there were a bunch of people including Filipinhamaria, Coolkid11, SmoothieLove, --Rihanna----, Twins18, and N1mka4eva. We talked about a rage of things and everyone had such a beautiful halloween costume on! Even Charlotte (n1mka4eva) who's costume was glitched at the party (see the white poster on her head?) had a beautiful costume in her suite, just not at the party because of stardoll's party glitch.
Group Picture:
(N1mka4eva isn't in the picture because her medoll's costume was glitched at the party)
These were the remaining people at the end of the party for the group picture:
Left to Right: Tapstar321, Coolkid11, Twins18, SmoothieLove, Filipinhamaria, --Rihanna----
Anyway, it was such a fun party and I'm glad I was invited. What about you; Any fun Halloween Parties? Do tell about them through comments! And if you host any parties, remember to invite me or Gillian and we might write a review and include group pictures on Stardoll's Juciiest ;)

Beauty/Elite Blogger,
Tapstar321 [AKA Nicki]

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