Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hot Buys New Release: Wool Sweater

A quick hello to all the followers of Stardoll's Juciiest. I am Aislin Victory. A new writer with this blog. Here to tell you about all the new Hot Buys, when they come out, and how to dress them up. Enjoy!

Today's Item: Hot Buys Wool Sweater.
I love the cozy and warm look of this sweater. The belt adds a nice touch of definition. Not to mention, this sweater is my favorite color. This piece is so versatile. It can be dressed up or dressed down. Whatever you like. Most certainly a favorite of mine from this month's collection.

How I dressed it up.
For this sweater, I really wanted to do a layered look. Because jeans just didn't do this sweater justice, and because I love layers. I chose a floral legging to pair with the sweater. It gave it that girly touch. Underneath the sweater I added a top with a lacy bottom to give the sweater a little more dimension. After adding a pair of Hot Buys boots and a vintage Hot Buys bag I noticed the outfit was lacking in color(Though I love black and grey I wanted some pop), so I added a dual layered DKNY scarf. 

Hope you enjoyed!
Leave a comment telling me how you dressed up your Hot Buys Wool Sweater!


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