Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Look. New Writers.

Ok everyone, so let me clear the air about one thing first. Yes, if you have heard the rumor that SJ has recently started giving out random gifts to people who comment it is true! Soon we'll be showcasing those people in a post so Comment! And invite invite invite :D Theres going to Definitely Something for our inviters coming up aswell!

Now, Startdoll's Juciiest has changed! A new banner and new subheadliners! I would really like to here your feedback; Do you love it? hate it? in between? We want to hear from you!

Also, We have 3 new writers!! HB/Fashion-AislinVictory, Freebies and Spoilers-Cherrycutegirl, and Beauty-Tapstar321! They will be writing about many things but this is the basis of there job.

These are the Writers Siggys :) Cute, huh?
To the Writers: You may make your own siggys and use them aswell! Just make sure they have our logo on it. The measures are 323x160!
To the whole Staff: If anyone wants to make siggys for all of us, and you no they'll be better than these; Please do!


  1. These are such amazing graphics! I love my banner, especially the hair!


  2. Love the banners your made. My doll looks somewhat like Kate Hudson in the banner you made for me(: