Sunday, October 24, 2010

50 MEMBERS!! [+Gifts]

WE REACHED THE 50th MEMBER MARK YES!!!!!! if every1 invites just 1 person...think about it 100 members =P BUT I AM soo humbled to have 50 stardoll users wanting to hear the blog out and find out cool stuff, win gifts, etc :D The 50th Follower is actually the new owner of INFLUENTIALsd!!! I met her at a party and shes reaaaly nice :)

She Is Beautybabe2!! And a gift is waiting in her suite as we speak ;D CONGRATS!!

Now I have a friend that wanted the 50th spot aswell n she ended up being 51st, but she is STILL the runner up so she deserves a spot in the spotlight too right?! Without further a do the owner of Carolyn's Top Model (a blog this one sponsers)......


Thank You so much Followers!
Without you this blog would literally be nothing :)
So keep the comments coming! xxJucii 


  1. Congrats on the 50 follower mark! Your blog is amazing Gill and its no wonder so many people are starting to read about it! ;)

  2. yea yeaa Nicki, says the person with almost 200 followers ;D thanks! Check out the Party review :D