Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lolita might be back...again...again :D

Shes a ballerina with wings :)
I TOLD YOUUU! I TOLD YOUU! Miss_LolitaF has broadcasted, i tried to take a pic but it was too quick =/ sorry guys! but shes in the halloween mood! Shes telling everyone happy halloween :) I hope she comes back! I was at the Cyanide mag release party (ill post about it soon) while we were talking about it... norms, socialites, and Elites were on both sides of the fence. You never believe it but elites were saying how lotifa is a famewhore? and how she just wants attention and making fun of her! Others were sticking up for her! I was saying that she left because she wanted more time with her REAL LIFE, duh! everyone must move on one day, but stardoll is addicting and obviously lotifa spent good money on this online game so I did doubt from the beginning shed leave for good like she said! She might not come back fully- BUT I think she will visit often. What do you think? xxJucii

PS- Happy Halloween to you too....Miss_LolitaF :)

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