Thursday, October 14, 2010

Miss_LolitaF leaves....again.

Ok, so remember the icon Miss_LolitaF leaving and then coming back two weeks after?? Then she brought her Blog the Stardoll Shiner up to OVER 1000 followers...then over 2000 followers... WELL NOW Shes leaving again!! I really hope this is a hoax and shes coming back in less than the next two weeks =P No, but seriously... she will definitely be Missed.
Goodbye Miss_LolitaF......

PS: The following is here leaving message:
Sometimes we need to move on and that is what I am doing now.
Stardoll is just a virtual game, it ain't even real and I am not going to spend my time, my positive thoughts, my money, my energy, my strength, my everything on it anymore, I have a real life & big aims for it.

Yours, the one & the only Stardoll Diva,
*Special Thanks to her blog The Stardoll Shiner For Providing This Message*
I've got one more question.... whose going to take her judging spot over for the Star Awards??? xxJucii

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