Saturday, December 18, 2010

Elite Magazine Release

Elite Magazine made it's debut yesterday. It's owned by the lovely Larsa_Gurl. I must say, I'm very impressed! For a First Issue, this one's a winner! The graphics are really well made (I'm not so sure about the cover though...), articles interesting and they spice it up with a raffle. I did get a little tired of seeing Mel on the cover of yet another Magazine, but hey, she's always awsome :) Love you Mel...

The cover wasn't as great as the graphics inside the Magazine, but it's still ok in my opinion

Elite Magazine definatly deserves a round of applouse!

SugarShoez (sugar103)


  1. I'm actually not gonna applause.
    All the graphics were directly taken from another doll site, and the face of the model was just sticked into it.

  2. No, I think these graphics weren't taken except for the obvious cover, but other than that I think they are made individually.

  3. GOSH it look amazing :)


  4. Thanks for featuring this :)
    BershkaGirl601 - Umm, okay? The graphics were made individually, and they weren't taken from a doll site. The cover I'm not sure about. Blueberry-dream made it.

  5. how did they make the dolls like that?