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Lacestockings might be leaving stardoll, but her legacy remains. She paved the way for many NonSS dolls out there and became the Covergirl of the Well-known Lipstick magazine... She told SJ about how she felt about the cover, and how she happened to get on it in the first place.

Read SJ's 10 Questioned Interview with 2010 Star Awards Nominee Brit-On-Me! She is really Down-To-Earth and We think readers will enjoy that :D
Missed it? What a Shame! FindurLove and I spoke about her projects, blog, and fashion! I mean... VanityModels Competition Club, The Star Dose Blog, Emorox4eva, "Eliteism", Dioaguardi Group, just some of the things that were talked about ;) 

Read Stardoll's Juciiest's Interview w/ Stardoll Icon, FindurLove


In Case You Missed Them... or you just want to reread them, Here they Are! The 5 latest interviews will be at the top and the rest will have links in the archive :) Thanks so much for Reading!