Monday, August 30, 2010

New LE??

Do you like the new LE? For some reason... I was really dissappointed. I thought LE was suppose to be AMAAAZING clothing. but the only thing amazing is the blue and black shoes, the twisted shorts, and a bit more. Heres s tip. It all isnt shown in the store so SEARCH LE!!!! And see it all :)

These are the real versions:

These are the only things i even think of buying:

Reaaally disappointed with this LE. Are people going to tak a stand again or are all these gonna sell out lyk hot cakes? What do u think??

Amazing Sponser!!

HoupIsOnFire Is What she calls "simple" i think shes down to earth. No other elite in her position would speak to me as an equal...accept for .Marcela., shes nice to :) But back to Ruth. Shes An amazing person to me... and i barely know her so i hope to get to know her better soon :) She is the owner of how-to-get-free. Basically the best place to get free stuff on stardoll. The site even has links to unseeable stores ;D Lespecs,Moxie, and the 2nd JCP to name a few. Shes now our media partner!! Im so happy! Now this site will have mannny free stuff posts, thanks to her :)

More News. We will have HB and LE posts aswell thanks to HB addicted blog, and LE addicted blog whose owner said we could use there posts =( we can't be their media partner without 500 members SO STARRT INVITING :))))) thxxx. -Jucii<3

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Still Want Super Surpreme??

Guess what, Super Supreme is STILL in stock! Like Whoa. Finally! The fashionistas of Stardoll are taking a stand. This is reminding me of how Antidote is in stock. Maybe now Stardoll will realize they can't take a peice of CRAP, put a big name on it, and expect for Everrryone to buy it!

Avril Lavigne Sceneries

Your Gurl Jucii Here to tell ya sumthin new. Check it out! We have new sceneries :) They are really dark and sort of mysterious. They're made to get the word about Avril Lavigne's new perfume, Forbidden Rose. We all remember Black Star right, the purfume that Avril made and was launched on stardoll not so long ago?

Another Glitch by Stardoll? Probably. The second and third sceneries are exactly the same.
The themed items, clothes and celebs are all the same for all three *two* sceneries. Of course the celeb is the awesome Avril herself. I'm Really starting to like this purple dress grouchy sorta 3tier dress with a big black sash in the middle and the mini bow :)

Check out the Scenery I made ;P

Friday, August 27, 2010

Stardoll and the City!!!!

Luv Luv Luv LUUUUUV Stardoll and the City!!! My dreams have been answered =P the four level store is amazing! showing  off the most creative looks from the movies. i loove the one-sided brooch. I'm saving up for it as we speak xD

And Did any1 notice the the icons are smaller on the first page of the StarFashion??

Anywhoo. I am REALLY luvin the dolls in this store too. :) the ads also went up for the store across random pages on stardoll. I really like this store! Do You? Feedback please. i realllly enjoy all of my readers comments :D this is Jucii Sy-nin Ouuut! haha pce.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Like Our Logo?

Well, people are wanting to sponser but there was no logo. PATOW!!! Ur wish is my command :) Spread the word! Put it on your blog, on you website, Just let people know xD!!!

Also, Many things have gone down in the past few hours ;) SJ is Sponsering CNTM. Yes! It's another top model comp. but this time its different. BELIEVE IT OR NOT the winner gets there OWN IPHONE APP and many other Awesome Prizes Like a feature in this blog ;) !!! Want to learn more like wanting to judge the event or even become a graphic designer for cntm? Go to! AND join club -CNTM- !!!

Check this Awesome Blog out!

Stardoll's Juciiest Has Its First SPONSER!! Thank you so much to Tapstar321, and her blog Forever Stardoll Chic. It's an honor because that blog is Ammazzing.

Welcome To Stardoll's Juciiest!

I am soo excited to finally launch the blog. I will be talking about Hbs, gossip, clubs, clothes etc. The whole sha-bang! I'm going to tell it like it is. Thank you so much newfound followers for being the first to believe in this blog. Its all here for you to enjoy :)

-I will be making a crew but that'll be later down the line, So yes employment will happen in the near future!-

Again thank you soo much for visiting my blog<3

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