Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lipstick Magazine Released

Yes, it is Magazine season i will be writing about many mags and giving reviews :)

I am sorta dissapointed with this issue of Lipstick. I thought my interest would be totally piqued the second i started wasn't. I do looooooooove the shoes made in it tho! Amazing YSL blue pumps i saw were 2-DIE-4. Lipstick Magazine's latest issue that was released today talks about the theme of school, and in it, it talks about bullying, friendship, Katy Perry's Style..and more. The Graphics were absolutely awwedropping and definitely had the teams time put into them. All the staff of this mag are extremely talented so I'm sure they'll WOW me next time...until then, click here to see Lipstick's latest Issue.

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