Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Want to be a Writer?-Closed-

Want to write for Stardoll's Juciiest? Follow and then sign ur name in a comment under this post. SJ will get back to you. xxJucii


  1. Real Name? Can I use STYLEocity? I can be a style writer if you want?

  2. stardoll: monojoke
    real name: sabrina

  3. Stardoll: Pandaeyes239
    Real Name : Mary

    I have lots of experiance, being a guest writer and being a recent writer for , I can write about almost anything ( preferably fashion )

  4. Follower name: SugarShoez
    Stardoll Name: sugar103
    Real name: Alice

    I have had alot of experience. I owned my own blog until last week when I closed it.

    I ran it by myself. I am very creative and would also post quick comps to win an SS gift, 10 sd, etc. I will write about everything you want me to!