Wednesday, November 24, 2010

December Hot Buys!

Call the doctors and tell them I'm fine, I just almost fell out my desk chair after seeing December's Hot Buys, but I do believe that I have not sustained in major injuries, aside from a mini heart attack.

Hot Buys has really outdone itself this month. These are quite possibly the most gorgeous and elegant selection of the highly collected line of clothing. There is nothing in this month's collection that I will not be shelling out the Stardollars to purchase. And when I do, you all know I'll dress it up and show you how I wore it!

But this month I'm giving the fantastic followers of Stardoll's Juciiest a chance to sport their Hot Buys style! I'll search the suites of Stardoll to find two lovely ladies(on rare occasion you find males in Hot Buys. They truly need their own collection.) sporting what I believe are amazing Hot Buys outfits. You'll of course be featured here and we'll have a vote for who wore it best. Cliche idea, I know, but isn't it fun? I'll even throw in a gift to whomever wins. So be prepared to get your vote on!


  1. That's a beautiful set of dresses and clothes. best Hoy Buys yet!

  2. OMG thats it. I give up im gonna start collecting hbs again! I thought I could just sell some of my collection and be done with em but i CANTTTT! This is absolutely amazing.