Friday, December 31, 2010

FindurLove Bday Invite!


-From SJ STAFF!!

New Doll for SS: Miss Stardoll World!

A suprising new doll for SS launched today:

Wow, I think this is actually a great idea from Stardoll. Alot of people are unhappy about this, since not all countries were able to take part in Miss Stardoll World. Oh well, at least Stardoll promised us more countries next year! (Wich is in a few hours by the way)

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Otto coming and New Stardesign!

can you believe it's almost New Year? So many things happened over the past year which I cannot even BEGIN to describe, so here's what we can look forwards to:

A new Otto store is coming!

(Credit USD)

New Stardesign Patterns were released today:

I Dress for 16 SD and a coat for 14 SD, both only for SS. They patterns look good, but the prices are way to high!

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fabulous New PPQ

I am in love right now. Did you see those shoes? Did you? Well, I don't believe you, because you didn't faint. I know I did. I am so in love with this new PPQ floor! The highest price being 40 sd and the shoes 22 sd... I know where my Piggy Bank is going...

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Monday, December 27, 2010

12 Days of Dresses-Last Dress

This last dress has an interesting twist... It's only for Royalty Members and will get delivered to their suites for free. I actually think this is good for Royalty Members. It gives us a little...good.

I can imagine non-Royalty Members will be upset by this but well... suck it up :)

The dress didn't get delivered to my suite yet, but I think it will be later.

Do you like the last dress? Do you think it's fair that it's only for Royalty Members?

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Star Awards...What did you wear?

What Did YOU Wear?
This is what I wore. Upload what you did and use tinypic to show us :D
The most fabulous looking sjers that went to SA will be posted ;) xxJucii

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

HB Gown Released

18 SD and only for SS.

I think the gown is an interesting piece... I have seen better HB dresses/gowns but this one isn't a sour apple. I don't think I will be buying it, becuase of the price tag, but some of you might want to.

Submit a pic of you wearing the dress in comments and you might get featured

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Forever Chic Magazine- WOAH!


  Just to let you guys know... I have died. This Magazine has gone through such an improvement from the last edition- it blows my mind. I'm In Heaven.
These Graphics are Just- WOW!
I got interviewed representing the NOH8 Organization, and it was an AMAZING experience! Tapstar321 really busted her ass getting this done, its beautiful and is featured everywhere!
She definitely deserves all the love shes getting right now, I mean look at those cheetah heels Mel is wearing I WANT THEM. They are calling my name...
The writing was equally as good as the graphics, just MANNEFIQUE!
Read it HERE!

New Store: Whip my Hair

It's all types of accessories, mostly for hair. The items look like Sunny Bunny -type for me. What do you think? The prices are ok, not cheap, but reasonable.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Star Awards Invitation

The official invitation for the Star Awards got released. As on the official blog:

Your coordinately invited to the 3rd annual 2010 Star Awards
on December 23rd!! The red carpet preshow will begin at 6pm GMT
in Star_Awards scenery page titled "2010 Red Carpet Pre-show."
Following the red carpet the ceremony will later
begin at 7pm GMT at Star_Awards guestbook.
Please dress in your finest formal attire.
Hope to see you there!

Sincerly yours,
Vanessa Mendieta
I'm a little disappointed that it wasn't a 'graphic made' invitation.
I think I'm attending, are you? I'll try my best to be there!
Click here to go to the blog
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Camera In Suite!

Another Amazing new addition to stardoll xD Stardoll is just amazing! They are finally listening to us. Look at this! A camera to take photos in our rooms :D

NOH8 and Findurlove

Our media partner, noh8 is definitely serious about this movement.

Check this out!

Party Planner Award

Stardoll had an inspired idea!

This could be very fun. Unfortanaly only Superstars could win the award since only SS can host parties. You get Stardollars and Starpoints when you win! Knowing Stardoll, I didn't expect this didn't have any drawbacks, so I went to check the Party Page and saw this:

We know have to pay 5 SD to host a party! This is Play and earn Money, but it's 5 sd we could've spent on something else.

Do you think it's great that there's a new awards or bad that we now have to pay?


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New LUXE Make-up

A variety of colours. I like it!

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Well here it is:

In case you can't see it from the obvious spoiler, this is going to be amazing! I can't wait!

Do you think this is going to be worth the time?

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New SS Hairstyles!

I think they look wonderful!

One of the hairstyles looks exactly like the hair from Kristen Stewert 2:

It's the hair in the second row on the far right.
(Thanks to seashellsecret for the tip)

I am in love with all these hair! What about you?

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