Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beauty: Geisha Lips

Everywhere you look, bold Geisha lips surround you. This is a huge stardoll beauty trend. On stardoll, in stardoll magazines, and stardoll events, they all have some kind of doll gracing the headlines with Geisha lips!
I, Tapstar321, decide to grace my suite with bright red Geisha lips and subtle white makeup.

N1Mka4eva sports a Geisha-lipped smile on the cover of Lipstick Magazine's September/October edition.

The official SFW spoiler displays Coconut-Nicole with geisha lips.

Want your medoll to grace this trend? Here is how:
Using a bright lipstick, carefully apply in the mid part of the lips. To shake it up, try using a lighter shade for the upper lip and the same color but a darker shade on the lower lip.

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