Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stardoll Royalty

Yesterday There Offically became 3 groups -instead of 2- of people on stardoll. NonSS, Superstar, and Stardoll Royalty. The thing is only Approximately 10,000 stardoll users are Stardoll Royalty so it is a position that is greatly achieved. Most non-ss and some ss think its unfair but it totally is. Stardoll is just again giving more to the ppl who spent REAL money over and over again promoting stardolls business. As my friend Aisy would say, Its just the way it is. So Yeah, Its totally Fair. Later on I'll tell you how to get in Stardoll Royalty.
The following are some of the changes experienced of Stardoll Royalty:

Their Name Tag:
When they Visit Someone Its light blue instead of ss's yellow and nonss's white:
Their headshots are bordered with a platinum look and a diamond:

When Stardoll Royalty logs in there head this looks silver:
When they own a club the diamond appears after their name:
*i used the owner of stardoll royalty
Stardoll Royalty Basically get to test things out first, get to get special deals, get special items, I wouldn't be surprised if stores started being SR only like their are SS only stores.
So there are some ppl that have been on for what seems like FOREVER and have had SS for a long time and they are not SR! So Heres the Q they all ask: 
I've researched and many blogs say different things but a lot of them come some of the same conclusions so ill tell you the ones that Stardoll Royalties all agree on.
-You Must have SS nonstop for a year straight **NOT ONE HOUR NONSS*
-You must be active
-You must have a certain amount of starpoints
-You must have spent a certain amount of sds at Starplaza
Those are the ones most agree on; If any of these are proven wrong you are free to correct. But these are said by many stardoll royalty bloggers. The Certain Amounts arent exactly known but if your not SR and uve been SS for a long time then maybe its because u haven't reached this "certain amount"

**Also I found out that if your in the club and you become non ss even for a day THEY TAKE YOU OUT! though it is easier to get back in if you become ss again.
*** Also People HAVE noticed glitching happening with these sr commodities

Ok so Here is the invite you get when your invited into the STARDOLL ROYALTY club!!
For all those people out there who are wondering ;):

Hoped This Helped You guys!! I enjoy Feedback ;) xxJucii

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