Monday, September 27, 2010

30 members!

I just want to say thank you so much for following :) You all are amazing i just want to say THANK YOU SOO MUCH!
spots looking for
-graphic designer (need a good one foreal!)
-writers (who will tell ppl about the blog as well)
- freebies person
-person who will update hbs

More coming soon thats just basics!!xxJucii

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chat Opened!

Heyy Guys :) its Jucii 12:30 in the morning! Haha WE HAVE CHAT NOW WOOOHOOO! For all of you guys that was there when i put out the spoiler and got excited its finally here!! Check it out!

New Scenery!

Yurp Thats right!! Its probably inspired from the online book Stardoll's introduced to us, Mortal Kiss!

Celebration Party!!

I told you guys that there would be a party after we get out 25th member! Well, I always keep my promises :D Be there this FRIDAY! Heres the invite:
Thank you so much for following this blog :) We only sell out 100% Real Juice ;D xxJucii

Monday, September 20, 2010


Yes it is true... Stardoll's Juciiest will be holding a party after we get our 25th member to celebrate!! At the party i will be scoping out for models and best dressed will be featured on this blog!! SO INVITE INVITE INVITE... and tell people about the modelling people at the party will only be considered for a modeling position if they Are following the blog.

Plus Looking for employees as we speak.... Applications will go up veryyy soon so keep checking back on the blog if you want a position.

Front Row NY

I am disappointed. Some clothes are acceptable... come are exceptional... and then a lot just missed the mark completely. As a native from New York, i know a thing or two about its fashion. This store is about a C- from me. New York fashion should have been represented better in this store. Maybe the peices shown in the store in real life are great! But the way stardoll displayed it isn't the best...... I hope stardoll will do better if they make more levels to this store.
What do you think? xxJucii

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hilarious Shirt :D

So i was roaming around starbazaars and guess what i found?!?
Isn't that cute, and funny ;) xxJucii

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Want GREAT Presentations Without the risk of hackers?!? If youu want it customized and REALLY done how ever you want it. Its like a luxury Presentation! They are not free but if you ask me Totally worth it. If yoy look on my presentation i have it done by Victory.Co.
Its TOTALLY WORTH IT! Go check out's client list :) There work is amazing. professional, and totallly worth the money because they WILL give you what you want in ur presentation!! Soon the Victory.Co offices will open and this project will go huge, but until then you can get your presentation 100% KNOWING u wont get hacked from the account!!
Sometimes the company will even do nonsuperstars free so check it out! I Just though this stardoll project deserved some reconition bc its SUCH a great idea. Do you know a person who deserves some spotlight? GB me Juciimami827 on stardoll and tell me about them, they ust might end up here ;) xxJucii

20th Member gets SS GIFT!!

Molloy087 Is THE 20th MEMBERR!!!!! Therefore she gets an ss gift and she gets to suite chat ME n try on my clothes be in my house etc. YES soo they will be more random gifts out... n im talking BIGGER not just ss gifts *but also being featured in magazines* being fetured on the blog, being featured in other blogs. im talkin on a massive scale :) So INVITE INVITE INVITE....that big contest is just around the corner!

Soon i Will be looking for employees and models for the blog so keep checking back<3
thx for all the support! xxJucii

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Awwwesumest Sister Blog Ever

This Blog is Fashion, Fashion, and More Fashion! Talking about reall AND stardoll life :D Check it out its pretty cool! <3 xxJucii

Glow Shop

Glow is a shop for stuff to buy for you suite. The stuff is animated pretty cool huh?


Monday, September 13, 2010

New Time. New Look.

Is there something different about Stardoll's Juciiest? YES. And theres going to be more change In the next few weeks... Some spoilers coming up soon so keep on checking back :D For now invite invite invite! If you invite 10 people AND THEY FOLLOW, and they SIGN this topic and say they came here from you (you have until Sept 20th) You will be entered in a contest will the other people who have done the same. This contest has a GREAT prize so dont miss out! For every ten you get another entry in the random drawing contest (w/ an aweeesome prize)
So say bill got 10 people to join that has followed the procedures- he gets on entry
Gill got 60 people- she gets 6 entries
Put the entries in a hat and pick a random one (so bill has a 1/7 chance he'll get picked and gill 6/7 -its only fair) And the one that gets picked gets the special prize... The prize will get them exposed TO MANY PEOPLE Trust me. SO INVITE INVITE INVITE!!! U HAVE UNTIL SEPT 20th!!

Keep on the look out for the spoilers :D.......

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Guess What i just spottted?!?

ANOTHER sd mag using issuu :) i guess these people are catching on to Cover's breakthrough technology.
ICON is now using this technology.. though it hasnt taken the place of the page by page version which is above it, it is stilll after it :)
I'm loving these graphics btw :) what do u think? -Jucii

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oh Snap! Cover is Here To STAY!

Cover Mag is one step ahead of all the other mags  With this new technology i think its soo cool! No other sd mag ive seen with this so they better catch on b4 they're left in the dust!
You Can litterally turn the pages! Its like reading a REAL Magazine Virtually! I think its completely genieus. And did i mention... YES! Full Screen! Its basically in HD Babyy! Its so Cool! Theyre using a technology on If you have mature eyes GO read cover now! its like an experience youve never seen before with a sd mag!

Check out this New Scenery

 I just made a scenery for a club. I would loooove your feedback :)

*Magazines Galore*

So I went through mannny stardoll blogs and projects, and mags, and i found that i really enjoyed magazines!! Some of them were just so impeccably done it was Bougus with a capital B!!!! The following are some of the mags i enjoyed:
Teen Style

On the Mature Eyes Side X.X:

BUT ON THE REALLY MATURE SIDE> Stardoll is made mainly towards the preteen-teen auudience, so for someone to think up STARDOLL PLAYBOY is absolutely bonkers!!! Yes i said it... Stardoll Playboy. Think about it an actual Naked Stardoll Mag??? Do you think its amusing, funny, or utterly disgusting? Will you be reading it when the mag makes its redebut in the following year?


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Celebrity Match Ups

You wont guess what i came across on youtube today? CELEB match ups on stardoll!! i was lyk i must share thiss!

***Couture Tribute***

This is a wayy expensive shoppe<3 (prices ranging from 18-75sd) Featuring couture from Valentino, Christian Dior, and Chanel, just to name a few. This is a Superstars only store.

Is it worth the buck?? What do you think...

Reminder :)

Sooo i had a krazii week so ive seen so much new stuff that i didnt post about. but noww i AM def posting about it after this reminderr!xD
sooo saturday i hope to become cg. I only have enough money for 50 broadcasts. If you invest in me before tomorrow i will put u on my best friends list so any1 who goes to my page will have a direct link to yours, and when i make the vip list for the blog ur face will be slabbed on it :D

Friday, September 3, 2010

I've Neverr looked this good xD

Guess what?! I am redoing my wholllle suite and my pres :) I am running for covergirl next weekend. theres going to be a looot of broadcasts going up!! What do you think of my new look?

I've actually always have loved the thought of being part of stardoll's elite. Maybe a MODEL? WHo KNOWS! I just hope my readers know that this blog is about to blow up..... thanks for being there from the start <3 -Jucii.