Saturday, November 6, 2010

10 Questions w/ Brit-on-Me

J: Heyyy Brit-on-Me! I'm so glad that u are doing this interview for Stardoll's Juciiest's readers!
B: I have to say thank you, it is a honor for me :)

J: Well, I have to say I am so glad to have met you, you're a really cool person! I realize you have very controversial views and proud of it and u know how to stand out in a crowd when u dress your medoll. What inspires your outfits?
B: Taylor Momsen inspires me, she's awesome.
J: For all the readers who dont know who she is could you please tell :D
B: Well, many people know her as Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl

J: Wellllll STAR AWARDS NOMINEEE!! how does it feeel?!
B: I feel awesome, that's a honor for me!

J: Do you know what your nominated for?
B: I'm nominated for Social Butterfly, I hope I win haha

J: why do u deserve to win?
B: I don't think I deserve, I just trying to be as friendly as I can :D

J: Well, i already know this answer since we're friends but... is it true in real your a boy [=OOOO] lol
B: Yeah hahaha

J: And to all the readers that is not wrong!! its amazing! Brit-on-me is such a cool person okayy :D haha What do you have to say to other boy stardoll users out there?
B: Don't be fake, that's just what I want to say

J: How is it like being stardoll royalty?
B: It's not that special haha, The only thing we have is the diamond nothing more xD
J: So that it? Nothing really going on in the club? No SR only stuff?
B: No, At the moment xD

J: How long have you been on stardoll?
B: 2 years and months

J: Have you been ss for a whole year without stop?
B: I think I entered on stardoll SS... So I never stopped- Just a little break, like 2 days.
J: Wowww, ok no wonder ur SR ;)

J: What are some of your hobbies?
B: Playing guitar, drawing, photoshop and I'm trying to photograph.

***BONUS Q***

J: Thats Cool! Coke of Pepsi?
B: I Love Coke ;)
J: :D
B: But Pepsi is Special haha
J: ? O.O lol

J= Juciimami827              B= Brit-On-Me


  1. Was this 10 questions idea taken from my blog?

  2. Nope, to tell the turth i didn't even realize that until now. I was gonna do a full blown interview like i usually do with everyone (like findurlove and lacestockings) but effay and my interview got cut short so i took the 11 qs i got n made a 10 q thing.