Monday, November 8, 2010

A Red-headed Lolita?!?

Ok, as I've said before sheeeeeeees baaaaack hehe. She leaves, comes back, leaves, comes back, and then wants to be Covergirl. Miss_LolitaF is now running for cg. *sigh* I really want to just interview her, just to find out how she really is. So many sterotypes saying shes a fame whore, or saying shes a great person AND I WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH. But seriously she never left o.0 Is she really nice to everyone like her presentation reads? Not from what I've heard, BUT I am not going to do this she said he said bull. I am going to ask her to do an Interview. Whether she says yes or not its up to her.

She's been sending broadcasts out contently, like any person wanting to be cg would do... I don;t find any fault in that so stop HATING on the broadcasting Lol!

Shes promising that 3 people will win 100sd if she wins cg.... I mean as long as she actually DOES what it says then you know. Bribery does work on stardoll. No lie. and Lolita is in the position to the point where... yea she can give away 300sd without a worry, Unfortunately at least 90% of stardollians aren't.
Now to the main reason of this post THE RED HAIR o.o I like the style of the hair... and hay! if lolita likes the color she sould wear it proudly....but i think this is one bold move of the red hair AND then adding the red lip does not bring out her features like the black hair did... What do you think?!

And what do you think of Lolita?

And what qz would you want answered in an interview?

This post was not specifically everything i thought. I do look up to lolita as of right now because she has made it and put the work in to get where shes at. I totally respect her, and whether u like or dislike her she does I think at least, deserves respect.


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