Monday, November 8, 2010

Miss_LotilaF Put on the spot- BIG TIME.

On HUGE blogs like King of Media, and Peres Hilton of Stardoll are targeting Miss_LolitaF. That just shows the down side to "elitism", but its remarkable. I mean in real life with celebrities its the same thing! Anybody could turn on you at ANY time when your an elite. One thing wrong and you could be thrown out of the circle. Since I do not know Lolita's side I cannot completely come to a decision. I'm sure you guys realize where im coming from!
Look! The same person saying she wants cg is the same person telling other people it doesnt matter its just about ur outer dolls beauty? Lolita argues that it was taken out of context!

Arguing 101. Here it is plain as day. Lolita defends herself against Baya and Linda on there blogs.

I hav nothing against any people mentioned in this post they all deserve the upmost respect. I am telling my readers whats going on in DolliWorld thats all ;D xxJucii

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