Wednesday, November 24, 2010

LipstickMag Spoiler...I'm disappointed.

As much as I love Lipstick... If you remember there last magazine's cover was amazing with Lacestockings and there article basically were boring and I said next time since their staff is Outstanding I'm sure they won''t disappoint... Well with this spoiler they do disappoint. As Much as I LOVE the staff work on there many projects, This spoiler is just WRONG. The fingers are the ONLY good thing on the spoiler... and even the grey fingernails I'm not a fan of. The eyes pupils look like mucus. The eyelashes= WTF? The text looks horrible and the background in all black could've been chic if executed the right way. I personally think the texts of the title do not look good together. n the doll has nothing to do with the background....

I am just disappointed because Lipstick is soo much better than this!
(With all respect to the LM Staff) This spoiler STINKS and I am disappointed.

I hope that the magazine is better than this spoiler looks...
I do respect the staff for taking out time to actually make this spoiler because it takes much work... but please don't put work into something that will end up making people sorry they even looked.

I am mad because I was routing for Lipstickk. UGHhh xxJucii

What do you think?

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