Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Beauty Graphic!

Thanksgiving is coming up so I made a graphic. No hair or background or clothes, just makeup on a non-makeup doll, as well as a how-to on how to achieve this look in real life:
When I was making it I thought it had to be something you'd wear to a party but also something flattering and not so in-your-face that you'd wear with family that you haven't seen in a while. So  I picked brown gradient eyeshadow with berry pink lipgloss with some subtle blush. The brown works with green and silver eyes. If you have blue or brown eyes, try switching the brown to some silver/grey gradient eyeshadow. Work the outer part of your eye with brown, then fill in with white. Add some black to the outside to make a three-color gradient effect. For the gloss, try a dark shade for the outer lip and a lighter shade for the inner lip, then add some shiny gloss. Try some bronzer as blush so your face wont have too much pink color! 

Did you like this Thanksgiving makeup Tip/Graphic? Tell your opinions through comments!

Nicole (tapstar321)

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