Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tomorrow is the premiere of what you've all been waiting for; Chronicles of Cora. With this breakout series, the drama does not wait to grab you by surprise and take you for a ride. We hope to have a big turn out for the very first episode. If you love it, if you hate it after reading, we'd still love to have your feedback. Any and all support is appreciated. Now thanks to the mass amounts of response and anticipation, here is a sneak peak of tomorrow's show!

Cora: "What on earth is this purple thing with the leafy-green top?"
*Knoxx looks over at what Cora is holding and burst into laughter*

Knoxx: "You seriously don't know what that is? That's an eggplant, and you are way worse off than I thought. I'm going to need to teach you so much."

For more details and to view the first episode coming tomorrow, Visit

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