Monday, November 8, 2010

ACTING ROLE IN A TV SHOW PRIZE!!!/Sneak Peak to Legend Productions' The HIGH Life

The 16th winner in the 60 Members BIG Prizes Giveaway WINS AN ACTING POSITION in Legend Productions!
We all know about the huge hit Tv Show Cronicles Of Cora from Legend Productions.... Now the Production Company has a NEW Show in the works to add to their line up- The HIGH Life.

Now the WORLD premire of a Sneak Peak to what Legend Productions' The HIGH Life is all about:

 Four Girls. One Life To Live. Are you ready for fame, wannabees, and jealousy? This show tackles bullying, popularity, and what it really means to "fit in". Aubrey "the leader", Adalyn "the dancer", Grayce "the smarty", and Mia "the wannabe" are all freshman in high school and have claimed to be best friends forever but now that they are in high school they all begin to go their separate ways. You'll be surprised at whose jealous of who. Are YOU ready for the catfights, the boy troubles, the "easy" girls, the partying, self absorbtion, and the personalities that popularity brings as these so called "friends" work their way to the top of the social chain?

Exciting, huh? The winners names in the Credits of a highly anticipated new show?? Gosh HUGE MUCH xD

All you have to do to enter to win in this random selection raffle giveaway and learn more about the other prizes IS READ the 60 Member Giveaway Celebration Post, Follow, then Sign your Stardoll Name (instructions will be given where to sign it on the post)!! SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Want to STAR in a Stardoll Tv Show?!? Go enter the Giveaway Now!!

UPDATE: The Date Now for the start of the 20 day Giveaway Celebration is November 19th. So Sign UP NOW Before its too late!!

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