Sunday, November 14, 2010

Make-up for those that isn't daring

Step 1:
Make sure there isn't hair in your face so you can get a clear view of what you are actually doing.

Step 2:

Use Dot liquid liner and line the outsides of your eye. Make sure not to go to far on the points.

Step 3:

Use Dot thick mascara to give your lashes more voloume

Step 4:

Use the lengthening mascara to give the lashes length

Step 5:

Use the Dot Eye Pencil (black) and colour in the top of your eye, as close to the eye as possible

Step 6:

Use a dark eyeshadow and colour in the bottom half of the top of your eye

Step 7:

Use a lighter shade of eye shadow and colour in the insides of your eye

Step 8:

Use a darker shade of eyeshadow (not as dark as the first) and colour in the rest of your eye(outskirts)

Step 9:

Use the grey(invisible) LUXE eyeshadow to give it sparkle

Step 10:

Use a reddish blush on your cheek. Colour the cheekbones. Use more than one layer

Step 11:

Use a Dot lipstick of your choice (I used pink) and colour in your lips

Step 12:

Use the LUXE Lip Gloss to add shine

Step 13:

Your done! Now choose the hair of your choice and add some highlights!

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