Friday, November 5, 2010

Cronicles of Cora Internet Show!

Click this Pic Now To go to the Premire of the SJ 10/10 rated show Cronicles of Cora Brought to you by Legend Productions!

Heyyy, Gillian Here! I have had the absolute honor and pleasure of Reading THE WHOLE ENTIRE SEASON OF CRONICLES OF CORA. ITS absolutely amazing! You'll enjoy going back every week to read the next episode its sort of addicting! Shhhh! But from the beginning you definitely fall in love the the character cora ;D I can't give everything away but i can tell you this I demanded the second season after reading the first haha! Its like i couldn't stop!
Cronicles of Cora is about Cora living her life...relationships, friends, exfriends, college, the whole nine yards! I know you'll enjoy reading it! It PREMIRES TODAY on the production company website-! You'll love it! I am so honored to say that This production company and Stardolls Juciiest Has become media partners! Big things coming in the near future! I garantee you'll read and at the end of each show ur gonna be like I WANT next week to come now!!
I support this show fully 100% Its really good. Read and be amazed my friends :D
IT HAS JUST PREMIRED NOW as i am typing. I HAVED raved about this show over n over n over so a 10/10 for the first season of COC! SO what are you waiting for- GO READ the first episode of the first season of Cronicles of Cora Now!!! :D xxJucii

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