Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hot Buys New Release: Belted Top

Hot Buys Belted Top:
Unfortunately as I had planned to search for two Stardoll Members wearing this Hot Buys piece, I grew terribly impatient and decided to show you how I wore it and if anyone wants to show how they wore it, comment this post and I'll show everyone.

Down to business, I love this belted top. It's gorgeous, chic and very glam. One complaint I do have it the price tag. 17sd, really Stardoll? Don't you already get enough money from your members? However, I did purchase this belted top because it's to die for!

How I wore it:
Hot Buys Belted Top: 17sd
Hot Buys Dress(Underneath): 16sd
Miss Sixty Ornate Lace Stockings: 14sd
Archive Spider Web Tights: 6sd
Bisou Knee High Boots: 7sd
DKNY Big Black Wool Scarf: 6sd
Rio Iman Black Clutch: 6sd

I am absolutely pleased with how this outfit came out and am willing to overlook this outrageous price of this top because I adore it. Leave a comment below so Stardoll's Juciiest readers can see how you wore the Hot Buys Belted top.

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