Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Beauty: Look Like a Wintery Fairy!

Hey, it's Nicole! I was thinking today, winter makeup is quite different from other seasons! You need it to be almost frosty and delicate, gentle, even, but still colorful and beautiful! Cool colors work best during the winter. So, I have made a makeup tutorial on how to have Wintery Fairy makeup!

What you end up with:

Use gradient dark and light blue eyeshadows.

 Add white eyeshadow to the inner part of eyes.

Use bright blue pencil liner on the mid & tips of eyes.

 Use white liner pencil on the inner very corners of the eye.

Your eyes can't be completely pale! Add some definition with heavy coated mascara on upper and lower lashes.

Have neutral yet dainty lips by keeping your pale lip color and adding gloss. If your lip color is darker, use a skin tone lipstick underneath clear, shiny lip gloss.

End the look with some rosy blush that livens your face even through the coldest of winter days!

I hope you liked this makeup tutorial. More tutorials on winter makeup coming soon!

Stardoll's Juciiest Makeup Artist
Nicole Jones/Tapstar321

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