Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ding changes to XOXO and more...

I think we all read Aslian's post about Elites Exposed, if you haven't, please click here

I see now that ElitesExposed also made a 'Kissing list' which is just really weird. The owner basicly is going to match up elites from what I understand of this. There was a post made about it. Click here to read it. If you got and XOXO in your Guest Book, it means you are on the list.

The list as on the blog:

There will be more names added soon.

And some interesting news, if you didn't know already. This blog is becoming a regular thing. Not just Ding and XOXO and it's over. There is a Hot/Not list, Top 10 Male/Female, Most talented and even Most Scariest face list coming soon.

Check it out:

I think this blog is definatly making it's mark. I don't think it's just another poser trying to expose elites. I think the whole concept is very creative. Sure it may be annoying to some with all the Dinging and such, but hey, this could be fun!


SugarShoez (sugar103)

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