Monday, August 30, 2010

Amazing Sponser!!

HoupIsOnFire Is What she calls "simple" i think shes down to earth. No other elite in her position would speak to me as an equal...accept for .Marcela., shes nice to :) But back to Ruth. Shes An amazing person to me... and i barely know her so i hope to get to know her better soon :) She is the owner of how-to-get-free. Basically the best place to get free stuff on stardoll. The site even has links to unseeable stores ;D Lespecs,Moxie, and the 2nd JCP to name a few. Shes now our media partner!! Im so happy! Now this site will have mannny free stuff posts, thanks to her :)

More News. We will have HB and LE posts aswell thanks to HB addicted blog, and LE addicted blog whose owner said we could use there posts =( we can't be their media partner without 500 members SO STARRT INVITING :))))) thxxx. -Jucii<3

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