Saturday, August 28, 2010

Avril Lavigne Sceneries

Your Gurl Jucii Here to tell ya sumthin new. Check it out! We have new sceneries :) They are really dark and sort of mysterious. They're made to get the word about Avril Lavigne's new perfume, Forbidden Rose. We all remember Black Star right, the purfume that Avril made and was launched on stardoll not so long ago?

Another Glitch by Stardoll? Probably. The second and third sceneries are exactly the same.
The themed items, clothes and celebs are all the same for all three *two* sceneries. Of course the celeb is the awesome Avril herself. I'm Really starting to like this purple dress grouchy sorta 3tier dress with a big black sash in the middle and the mini bow :)

Check out the Scenery I made ;P

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