Monday, September 13, 2010

New Time. New Look.

Is there something different about Stardoll's Juciiest? YES. And theres going to be more change In the next few weeks... Some spoilers coming up soon so keep on checking back :D For now invite invite invite! If you invite 10 people AND THEY FOLLOW, and they SIGN this topic and say they came here from you (you have until Sept 20th) You will be entered in a contest will the other people who have done the same. This contest has a GREAT prize so dont miss out! For every ten you get another entry in the random drawing contest (w/ an aweeesome prize)
So say bill got 10 people to join that has followed the procedures- he gets on entry
Gill got 60 people- she gets 6 entries
Put the entries in a hat and pick a random one (so bill has a 1/7 chance he'll get picked and gill 6/7 -its only fair) And the one that gets picked gets the special prize... The prize will get them exposed TO MANY PEOPLE Trust me. SO INVITE INVITE INVITE!!! U HAVE UNTIL SEPT 20th!!

Keep on the look out for the spoilers :D.......

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